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I’ve always had this dream to create the world’s greatest healing center. The place we can go, when we don’t feel whole. And I wanted this place because I never felt whole. I never felt good enough, and I had a lot of pain in me that had manifested as my Monster, and (HE) wouldn’t let me do anything. But that’s cause (HE) was fear, and I was flight, and I spent most of my life, running away from anything that scared (HIM). But cancer changes everything.

Cancer showed me how quickly my fear can kill me, and more than I didn’t want to die young, I didn’t want to die without getting a chance to live an extraordinary life. Thus, with persistence and divine guidance, in less than a year, I beat cancer, I’ve gone into my forest, and I’m doing the work to take down my monster so I can turn pro, and go all in on my goals.

And can I tell you a secret?

Everything I’ve dreamed of and more is happening….


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Ep 31 | Biopulsar & Watercolour

Guess what? Today is x-ray day. I know. I know, I don't, probably, need to do this, because the pain is practically gone, but I'm here, I'm doing it, because why not? You never know. You never know. So, we're gonna expose ourselves to more radiation. How you doin'?...

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Ep #30 | Dreams come true

TRANSCRIPT Good morning! Do you like my hair? I did it just for you! Guess what today is? It's packing day. Yeah, because I'm moving tomorrow. You know what I hate about packing day? Everything! But, I'm very excited to move. I am so excited to get settled in my new...

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The Pain is Gone

              I’m on the seabus again. I’m on my way to Vancouver city to explore the coffee shops in Gastown. I’ve always dreamed of doing this... exploring coffee shops. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love coffee shops. They’re like people. They’re...

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A Lot of Fear

              There’s still a lot of fear in me. A lot. But, I suddenly feel so aware of it in a way I never have before. I’m aware of it and I see how it feels very vividly... It’s like layers of my body are individually wrapped in saran wrap, and when I wanna do...

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Ep #29 | I feel the fire

            TRANSCRIPT Today? Today is gonna be one hell of a day. Do you know why? Because things are happening. It's time. It's time to be the change that I've been trying to be. It's time to take initiative and starting acting like a Pro. I mean, I already have...

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Be at Peace with Dying | Ep #28

TRANSCRIPT I just want you to know how much I'm really onto you now. I don't think you even understand the things I know about you. And, so, you know what this means? Cause every time you try to stop me from doing something, I'm going to fucking do it anyway. You are...

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June 9th

  Here I go again... Off another high cliff, down into a pit of true lows... Needless to say, it’s been a hard day. A lot of pushing and pulling and my monkey mind is all over the place, and my Monster is screaming at me, making me second guess everything. Guess what...

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Got a New Apartment | Ep #26

TRANSCRIPT What are you doing? Guess what today is! It is going to Vancouver, meet with Katy for a few hours to go over business stuff, and then, I'm gonna go check out my new place! I know it's my new place, because I can feel it! The angels! The angels guided me to...

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Until I Let Go

Most people don’t realize how emotions (energy in motion) manifest in the body, and when the emotions aren’t released, they get stuck in between the layers of muscle sheath, turning those trapped emotions into physical pain and disease.

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Breaking Bad

              I’ve been doing something I never thought I'd do again... I've been watching a show on Netflix. And, what's even more surprising is, it's a show I've already watched, which is so unlike me, cause I don't like to watch things twice. It seems like a waste...

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I’ve Come Alive

              Guess what? When I woke today, the pain was there, but it wasn’t as bad, and now, it’s like I’ve come alive in a way I didn’t think was ever going to be possible. So, no, it wasn’t completely gone... But, I didn’t have to take Advil today. I did take CBD...

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My Plan Is Gonna Work

              I just finished my bath. Now, I’m lying on my biomat, so I can get the heat on my sore back. It’s really fucking bad, but I think I made it worse by pounding on it like a piece of meat. But, can you blame me? I feel like I’m in a vice grip, 24-7, and I’m...

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Purely Medicinal THC

              I took Purely Medicinal THC tonight... 25mg, which isn't very much considering I was taking 50mg, but it’s been awhile since I did oil, so it feels like a lot. But, that’s what I do... on and off. When I feel like I need extra healing, I take the oil....

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False Highs, True Lows

              I’m almost there.... I almost have all the pieces of my self up to date and in place, which means I’m almost ready to turn a new level of Pro. This is the place I’ve been tryin' to get to for months, cause it means I’ve found my voice. The writing is...

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Moving Is Hard

I’m not gonna lie, since I moved here I feel pretty empty inside. It sucks not knowing anyone... And the people I do know, that I tried to connect with, just ignored me, so I don’t bother with them. And, what makes it even harder, is the pain I’ve been in has got me...

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Diaphragm Release

              Did I ever tell you that I'm having a hard time breathing lately... Since I moved, really. It's like I can't get enough oxygen, so I'm always grasping for breath. But then, I worry that's the post-cancer treatment side effects setting in. You know that...

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Before I Jump Off a Cliff

I’m just sittin' here in front of the fireplace... Sipping on my version of a bulletproof coffee. Except it’s not a coffee it’s a hot chocolate. It’s got a massive scoop of coconut milk, water, hot chocolate (raw, organic cocoa), a scoop of collagen and a teaspoon of...

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