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by | May 25, 2018 | Thinking Out Loud


Sup? I just wanted to tell you how frickin’ amazing you actually are. Like, I don’t even know if words can really describe how amazing you are. I’m just, like, trying to figure out everything, all the pieces of, like, where this is going, And it’s like, it just goes, it’s just going. So far and so… I don’t know if I should say slow or fast.

It’s just… it’s just huge. And all we can do is keep showing up. One day at a time, giving it everything we got. But, it’s crazy, what’s happening, right? Like, you feel it, too, right? Like, how this is so much different, so much different than what I even… we even thought.

It both scares me and excites me at the same time, because I’m like, “What else is gonna happen that I didn’t thought.” Which is also pretty exciting, right?

Anyway, I’m trying to work really hard today. I have to keep my body moving though, because if my psoas stays crunched up for too long, it gets pissed off. So, I gotta move, often.

Anyway, I gotta go and finish stage two of today. The work I’ve planned for my work. So, I gotta finish these things. And then, I was mapping this out. This is the art that I have to do. So, I got… I gotta do these silhouettes. Double exposure silhouettes, because I’m obsessed with that. And then, I have to do biolpulsar aura paintings, with watercolour. And I’m gonna do my own personal Phoenix Rise series, where I’m gonna be really working on Phoenix Rising now, like really trying to get in the best health that I can.

It’s a slow process, but if I wanna see if my plan, the plan that I, like, think would work to helping people, you know, get unstuck and get healthy… what I would be helping people do with the biopulsar. Like, I gotta prove to myself, but I wanna do these… this series of watercolours, aura watercolour art is what I’m calling it. And I wanna see what happens, like, from when you first start, you know, biofeedback readings, and you start doing self-care stuff, and let’s see what happens over the course of, like, 6, 7 weeks. And… if you follow… if you follow the plan.

And, if it… or well, I mean, it’s relative, but, like, if you can see your chakras, your chakra scores, and things improving, then you know that what you’re doing is working. So, I need to figure out the plan and how we’re measuring it. What are the things you need to do? And doing it. Doing those things. How do you keep… How do you do that? Support is so important.

Like, having a coach is so important. You always gotta have somebody in your corner. I really do believe that. If you can have somebody in your corner, a lot of lost people wouldn’t be so lost. We just need to help each other more.

But, so, yeah, I wanna do those aura readings, or aura reading watercolour art. Then I gotta do an anatomy series, on both the organs and the muscle and the skeleton, or the skeletal system.

And so, just, like, the biopulsar, the aura readings, really look at the emotional body. The energy, emotionally, that’s going on, and spiritually, I guess. And… and then, how that correlates to the chakras. And how the chakras… the colours of the chakras, really help facilitate health and healing and your frequency. And then how you can see that shows up in the physical body. The muscles, the tissues, what do those relate to? What kinda emotions manifest in the muscles, the organs, the body. Like, what emotions and physical body play such a huge role in overall health. And so, I just think, like, it’d be really cool to draw this out. Paint it out. And that’s what exhausts me, like, why is there always so much going on up here? Like, I haven’t even finished mastering the words and the videos.

There’s so many ways to tell a story. Mixed media. What’s your media? Well, most people pick one media, but I got, like, a million. No time to sleep, no time to eat. No time to do self-care things. It’s like, think and do, do and think, think and do, do and think. I need a… I need a break.

Nope, can’t break. Today is a day to seize and really figure the next thing out. It’s so important. Let’s go do that. Enough chit-chat.



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