By Sarah Long

If you’ve ever fallen down and lost your spark, get back up as the whole damn fire, and light up the world with everything you got.

My cancer setback was loaded with a lot of pain, loss, betrayal and heartache, and it took me down hard. But through the pain, I’ve transformed into a new version of myself. The version that was always in me, but was hiding behind my masks of self-doubt and fear. But now that my storm has settled, and cancer treatment is coming to an end, I’m determined  to really live on fire…

Below is my journey rising from the ashes, and creating an extraordinary life that is loaded with health, wealth and love.


Life Plan

Creating a life plan was my roadmap for getting unstuck.


Big Audacious Goals

I created my goals based on my life plan.



I created daily routines to help change my behaviours.



I document my progress in each area of self-mastery.


Killing Time

I've always dreamed of living an extraordinary life, but I could never find that thing I could hang my hat on, so I spent most of my life feeling stuck. And it wasn't until cancer got me that I realized I wasn’t really living, but really, just killing (TIME). I was...

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True Love Waits

One time Arnold told me he thinks I don’t know how to give or receive love to other people. He says I can give love to the world with my work and my energy, and the way I contribute to the world is with love. And I give love to myself, but when it comes to individuals...

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Satori Plans

It’s been a year and one month since the day Arnold and I met for lunch and he asked me about my plans after cancer. And I told him about this dream I had to save the world but I didn’t think I was that special, so I’ll probably just keep self-destructing till I blow...

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Collecting Sand

When I was a kid my Grandmother Beverley picked me up from school one day and we played hooky and went to the beach. It was too cold to go in the water so we sat on a blanket and ate pizza. When she took me home, my sneakers were full of sand and I dumped it on my...

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Missing Pieces

I’ve been lying to you. I haven’t been doing my routines like I said I would... And, I haven’t been doing much to become the best version of myself like I said I was... Instead, I’m trying to go back to who I became. And, I know you probably think I’m a fraud. But,...

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Trapped Emotions

Guess what? I think I’m shedding another layer of myself. Or maybe I've already shed it, I donno, but I feel lighter now, than I did a week ago. This past week it felt like I was dying from defeat and lack of control, and I went through several episodes of breakdowns,...

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I got this guy in a green hoodie standing behind me with a pistol pointed at the back of my head. Why? Because he thinks I’m some big deal, cause I have access to Spirit and he thinks I can just ask, and get anything I want. And because he needs 5 million dollars for...

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Back to Good

Hey. I know it’s been awhile since we talked but don't take it personally. I haven’t been talking to anyone but my self lately. I’ve been keeping to myself cause I’m trying to pick up the pieces of everything that has happened both from a personal standpoint and a...

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MyExLife Ep 1: Whatever it Takes

RESOURCES: Phoenix Rising May 2017 Big Goals Update The Daily Hustle Show       RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY WITH DAILY MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT Don't let the voices in the back of your head stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. Sign up for daily Messages from...

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My Evening Routine

Welcome to the third and final part of my regimen series, where I’ve been outlining what habits, exercises and systems I follow to help keep me living in the feeling tone, so that I can live in alignment with who I need to become, to save myself and save the world. ...

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My Daily Routine

Welcome to part two of this three part series, where I’ve been revealing the inside workings of my routines that keep me on track to achieving my 2017 Big Audacious Goals. My routines are based on a series of self-care exercises and tools that I use to help me act as...

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My Morning Routine

Hey, welcome to my morning routine! Last week I shared my 2017 Big Audacious Goals with the world, and I highlighted some of the routines and systems I use to keep me consistently doing the work that is necessary to achieve my goals. And, the reason I’m doing this is...

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