Sarah Long vs. The World  

Hello Friend...

Welcome to my story where I tell you the different stories about what it’s like to create an extraordinary life starting from nothing. Cause that’s when I started…when I lost it all.

First, it was cancer, and from there it was my business, my relationships and my self. The version of myself I didn’t like.

But I didn’t know I didn’t like myself until I didn’t know who I was anymore…

That’s when I decided to see my setback as an opportunity to become who I wanted to be all along…
An artist.
A creator.
A healer.

Someone who loves herself unconditionally because she accepts who she is and goes all in on her dreams. 

That’s what it takes to really heal from anything and everything, and that’s what my stories are really all about.

How to find self-love so you can become the best version of yourself, inside and out.

This is what inspired my journey to…




Below you’ll find my collection of stories that document the inside of my head and heart and the mixed emotions that come up when you enter the battle of your war of art.



It was a day just like any other day. I was laying in bed and my cat gave me a cat scan like she always does and when she walked on my left breast, that’s when I felt the sensation. Panic.

The overwhelming fear that my Monster finally got me and I really am self-destructing…with cancer.

I did what most of us do and I Googled my symptoms and I had myself convinced it was the worst. I didn’t sleep that night because fear was running through me and I just wanted to get to the doctor so she could tell me it was nothing.

But she couldn’t tell me that cause it was something.

After 3 weeks of testing and waiting I was diagnosed stage 3B breast cancer and suddenly my worst nightmare was my reality…

And for some reason I felt compelled to document my journey in my collection of cancer diaries.

Phoenix Rising is my collection of self-mastery tools and plans I used to help me become the best version of myself. 

It’s my framework for getting in alignment with who I really am and who I wanted to become and it includes things like my life plan, my big audacious goals, monthly goals reports, my self-care plan and the challenges in between…all designed to raise my frequency, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Everything I did to rise above my setback and continue to do, is all documented in my phoenix rising chronicles.

Sometimes when we set the intention to change, things have to fall apart so they can fall together. And I think that’s what happened to me. Cancer was my wake up call, and more than I didn’t want to die young, I didn’t want to die never doing something awesome. 

So when I was at rock bottom I was doing the work to change, and the more I changed the more pieces of my self I lost and the relationships I had didn’t seem to be around anymore.

But it was cool…

I spent a lot of time talking to myself and for some reason, I felt compelled to document my thoughts on camera. 

Thus, Thinking Out Loud is a videos series on topics related to self-mastery…usually me talking about my resistances, my insights, my plans for saving the world and my endless uncertainty about whether or not I’m actually crazy, or that something big is happening. 

I started the Daily Hustle series as a way to be the silent observer of my self…

I want to see if was showing up in my quest to break the habit of being myself….

I needed to see if my actions aligned with my vision and my goals and who I said I wanted to become…

I needed to hear what I was thinking and feeling so I could see the difference between the different versions of who I was…cause there’s a lot of version of me. 

And after doing this weekly recap consistently for months, I ended up discovering more about my self than I was prepared for…but it’s been a very insightful. 

Mixed messages stories are a collection of one off’s…


Sometimes they are about me. 

Sometimes they are about you. 

Sometimes they are about the problems I see in the world. 

Sometimes they are frequency activators. 

Sometimes they are stories about nothing in paticular

Imagine taking the time to document your monkey mind…

The thoughts and feelings you keep to yourself cause you can’t say out loud ’cause it would be inappropriate…or then you’d have to see the truth about what’s really going on. 

The worry, the self-doubt, the what if’s, the fear, the hope, the desire for more….

The pain of the war of art.

That’s what I started doing, but I started it because I have a hard time expressing my emotions and I don’t always know what I’m feeling out loud. But when I write. I can get it out.

This is the Monkey Mind monks talk about…wait, monks don’t talk….or do they?

The only way to really change is to change the sad stories that keep you trapped in the pain. These are the emotions that create the Monster we call our personality. And a personality is what creates your personal reality…

And for me, I decided the best way for me to make peace with my stories was to write to the people that I needed to talk to. Random letters that express how I feel now about what happened in the past or what I want in the future or how they affect me now and letters to forgive them for everything that happened.

This is the path to true healing…

To finding real freedom…
To letting go of a story that doesn’t serve you anymore so you can start writing a new one that does.

These are my love letters and sometimes they’re sweet and sometimes they’re not…

Which pretty much summaries my personality. 

This is the full story in chapters, in chronological order. 

Coming soon.



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