To Myself About Life and Topics Releated to Self-Mastery


It’s Just Huge

              TRANSCRIPT Sup? I just wanted to tell you how frickin' amazing you actually are. Like, I don't even know if words can really describe how amazing you are. I'm just, like, trying to figure out everything, all the pieces of, like, where this is going, And...

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Coffee Shop Hoppin’

              TRANSCRIPT It's me. I'm at a coffee shop. It's called Luna Cafe. Luna, as in Lunar, as in Lunar Eclipse. Right? Is that a thing? I donno. I'm making shit up. Anyway, I don't know if I told you this, but today is coffee shop hopping... it's Coffee Shop...

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Nothing is ever what it seems

              TRANSCRIPT Guess what I’m doing today? Going to get some groceries at the Lonsdale Quay. Literally, my dream is coming true, like, today is what it looks like when your dreams come true. When you set the intention to change, and you know what it is that...

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Trying to Become an Artist

              TRANSCRIPT Good evening. How are you doing? Me? Swell, thanks. This my cat. This my cat, Kitten. She's a sow. She lays there like a sow. I just thought I'd share with you a little update on things: I've figured out how to put together all the different...

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Accepting Myself More

              TRANSCRIPT Now, ok, so, just to give you an update: I had a really, really good time in the library today. I got a lot done, I updated some stories and posted them on my blog, and I did a Daily Hustle video, which, I wanna say something about. So that...

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Let’s Live Like We’re Dying

TRANSCRIPT Hello, friend. It's me. I think it's a good time that we talk to each other about the thing we've been thinking about a lot. You know what I'm talking about, right? I mean, I've been trying to not say anything to you, because, every time I do, you go all...

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I need a better bra

TRANSCRIPT Sup? I'm not in a very good mood today. I'm not even going to pretend. The pain is still there. I've done everything I can think of. I've been mobility-ing, like smashing out my muscles, trying to get the knots down, thinking that's gonna help and I think...

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My Parents Taught Me How to Fight

TRANSCRIPT Guess what? I just had an epiphany. And, I'll tell you what it was. I just think that, like, we don't realise this, but, usually our live purpose is in our life stories. It's in the stories, the reoccurring stories of our life. It's usually the stories of...

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Emotions Doctor

Transcript It's me and Charlie. We're planning something epic, aren't we, Charlie? Yeah, because he knows that we need a new plan. It's true. Something isn't right. Like, something is so not right. So many things aren't lining up, and me, me personally, like, the...

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Heaven on Earth

TRANSCRIPT Figured something out. The thing is, is we're all here to raise the frequency. We're here to deliver a message. To keep making Earth... Heaven. Heaven on Earth. It's true, we're in Heaven. And, the whole thing is as humans, we come here from love, we come...

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What’s Your Monster?

What up, what up? Yeah, I know, I got some bedhead going on. I just got up. Tt's all good. I just wanted to Think Out Loud about something that I've been thinking about, this morning, which has... which is to do with the work. Like, what I have to do today, and what...

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Turning Pro… Next Steps

I donno, I just feel like... I feel like I gotta make some big decisions, and take some massive action in the next little bit. The next week. The rest of March has to be very, very, very productive. I'm on a mission to really Turn Pro, this month, and to......

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Root Causes & Self-Healing

TRANSCRIPT I just wanted to share with you, really quick, something. Something just happened. I don't know if you know this, or not, but I've been having an extraordinary amount of pain in my psoas and my neck. Like, the scalene, and my pec. I think it's all because...

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Turning Pro is Hard

TRANSCRIPT What up? Look at me. I look like I’m dying. My eyes are sinking in, my face is sinking in. Oh my god, Turning Pro is HARD. I’m Turning Pro tonight. A new level. I spent all day getting ready. I’m exhausted. Exhausted. But, you know what? The closer I get,...

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