We Can’t Help Sociopaths5 min read

by | May 20, 2018 | Love Letters

You wouldn’t know me, if you saw me now.

Ever since you broke my heart, I’ve been falling apart, so I’m not who I was when you saw me last, ’cause the pieces of me and who I used to be are gone. And I’m happy about that. Cause the truth is, I probably hated myself just as much as you hated me then.

I don’t blame myself for becoming a nobody… I wasn’t always that way. Before you, I was somebody awesome.

You took away my independence and you made me feel weak, like I wasn’t good enough to play big and to pursue my dreams.

But, I don’t blame you for that. I let you do that to me and I’m the one that has to recover from the years of rejection I stayed in.

I just wanted to say…

You think you won in the end cause you got to leave me before I left you, but I know you only got more of what you were running away from which is no love.

Which means you still don’t have passion and connection and intimacy in your life…

You’re still tryin’ to co-depend your partners, cause it makes you feel like you’re doing something good, cause it takes the attention away from you, so you don’t have to love yourself like your soul needs you to.

But, I gotta say…

I’m not surprised you turned out this way.
Given what I know about you, you don’t like change. And you don’t think you’re worthy of the best, so you settled for less and you set your expectations below average.

And I gotta say, I wish you didn’t hurt me the way you did, cause I know you could really use a friend…

Someone to help you see how you’re being, so you can stop the cycles and start making better decisions. I wish you didn’t try to kill me when I was being poisoned by chemotherapy, cause then there wouldn’t be such a sad story between us.

I wish you could have seen the story you were writing like I could, cause I could see the ending being very ugly, and I told you so, but you didn’t wanna believe me.

I tried to stop you…
I tried to help you…

But, I should’ve known better.

We can’t help sociopaths, cause they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Which is why I’m so thankful you kicked me when I was down.

If you didn’t, I might’ve stayed trapped under the veil of your sick version of love and I might not be alive right now.

But, luckily, I got out just in time.

I did the work to put the pieces of myself back together in a way that makes me more alive than ever.

And don’t think for a second this wasn’t strategically calculated. Cause it was.

When you were breaking me apart I was silently planning my comeback to become the best version of myself.

In spite of everything you did to me when I needed you the most, I still have a lot of love for you and I wish you the best.

Because I know that, even though you’re a sociopath, you still deserve forgiveness… cause that’s really what you need in order to stop the cycles of hurting people like me.



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